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Ethiopia, World Bank Sign 470m USD Financing Agreements


The government of Ethiopia and the World Bank today signed two financing agreements amounting to 470 million USD to improve quality of education, and productivity in livestock and fisheries. Addis Ababa December 21/2017 A grant amounting to 300 million USD

Ethiopia, Denmark sign grant agreement amounting over $21 mln

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Ethiopia and Denmark today signed program support agreements amounting 580 million birr ($21.4 million). Admasu Nebebe, Ethiopian State Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation and Mette Thygesen, Ambassador of Denmark to Ethiopia inked the agreement on behalf of their governments,

World Bank announces $170mln credit to Ethiopia’s livestock, fisheries sectors


The World Bank on last Tuesday approved an International Development Association (IDA) credit of 170 million US dollars to boost the contribution of the livestock and fisheries sectors to Ethiopia’s economy. Addis Ababa, December 15, 2017 The project will be

ማ ስ ታ ወ ቂ ያ : የክፍያ ጊዜው በደረሰ ቦንድ ምትክ በድጋሚ ለመግዛት የሚፈልጉ የዳያስፖራ አባላትን ይመለከታል


የታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ ቦንድ የገዙ አንዳንድ ኢደትዮጵያውያንና ትውልድ ኢትዮጵያውያን የገዙት ቦንድ የክፍያ ጊዜው ሲደርስ በምትኩ ሌላ ቦንድ ለመግዛት እንዲሁም ቦንድ የገዙበትን ገንዘብ በስጠታ መልክ ለመስጠት እንደሚፈልጉ በመግለጽ ይህንን በምን መልኩ ለማድረግ እንደሚችሉ ጥያቄ እያቀረቡ ይገኛሉ። በመሆኑም የክፍያ ጊዜያቸው የደረሱ

Ethiopia “doing very well in terms of economic growth”: IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, Christine Lagarde appreciated Ethiopia’s fast economic growth. Addis Ababa December 14/201  The Managing Director expressed her appreciation following the discussion with the President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome at the national palace today.  “We

EU Trust Fund for Africa: new actions worth €38.05 million to support refugees and foster stability in Ethiopia

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EC receives Hailemariam Desalegn, Ethiopian Prime Minister

Prime Minister H.E. Hailemariam Desalegn and EU Commission President Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker On 12 December 2017, the European Commission announced 13 new actions worth €174.4 million under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa to support refugees and host communities

Troika statement in support of the IGAD High-level Forum on South Sudan

Preparations to hold the IGAD High-level Revitalization Forum for the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan later this month continue to move ahead. Dr. Festus Mogae, who heads the Joint Evaluation and Monitoring Commission overseeing the

The Ethiopian Somali Community organized a welcoming program H.E Ambassador Merga Bekana (Professor)


H. E Ambassador Merga Bekana (professor) , Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the Kingdom of Sweden and other Nordic Countries received a warm Well-Come Reception program from the Ethiopian Somali Community in Sweden on December 10, 2017. On

12ኛው የኢትዮዽያ ብሄሮች፣ ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች በዓል በስቶክሆልም ተከበረ


12ኛው የኢትዮዽያ ብሄሮች ብሄረሰቦችና ህዝቦች በዓል ከ200 በላይ የሚሆኑ ኢትዮዽያውያንና ትውልደ ኢትዮዽያውያን በተገኙበት እ.ኤ.አ ዲሴምበር 9 ቀን 2017 በደማቅ ሁኔታ በስቶክሆልም ከተማ “በሕገ መንግስታችን የደመቀ ህብረ ብሄራዊነታችን ለህዳሴያችን” በሚል መሪ ቃል ተከብሯል፡፡ በዓሉም ለትግሉ ሰማእታት የ 1 ደቂቃ የህሊና ፀሎት

Ethiopia has commendable role in climate diplomacy, green development


Despite being a developing country, Ethiopia has been playing a leading role in climate change negotiations. It has become a country that is engaged in successful climate diplomacy so that the voice of developing countries is heard in various international