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Interview with Ethiopian living in Sweden

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Ethiopia has commendable role in climate diplomacy, green development


Despite being a developing country, Ethiopia has been playing a leading role in climate change negotiations. It has become a country that is engaged in successful climate diplomacy so that the voice of developing countries is heard in various international

Argo- processing industrial parks to attract more FDI


By expanding agro-processing and light manufacturing industries, Ethiopia is planning to increase its export revenue by 29 percent during the Second Growth and Transformation Plan. During this time, the manufacturing sector is also expected to grow by 25 percent annually.

H.E Ambassador Merga Bekana (Prof.) has arrived in Stockholm, Sweden


Newly appointed Ambassador H.E Ambassador Merga Bekana (Prof.), Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Sweden and other Nordic countries has arrived to Stockholm , Sweden on  December 1, 2017

ክቡር አምባሳደር መርጋ በቃና በኤምባሲው አቀባበል ተደረገላቸው


በስዊድንና በሌሎች የኖርዲክ አገሮች የኢ.ፌ.ዴ.ሪ ልዩ መልዕክተኛና ባለ ሙሉ ስልጣን አምባሳደር ሆነው ለተሾሙት ክቡር አምባሳደር መርጋ በቃና በኤምባሲው ሰራተኞች የእንኳን ደህና መጡ አቀባበል ዛሬ እ.ኤ.አ ዲሴምበር 5 ቀን 2017 በኤምባሲው ተደረገላቸው። ክቡር አምባሳደር መርጋ በቃናም ለተደረገላቸው አቀባበል አመስግነው የአገራችን የኢትዮዽያን

Ethiopians Go a Long Way to Realize Country’s Renaissance:

pm and nation

The nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have gone a long way towards realizing the renaissance of the country and building a political community, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said. The Premier told ENA and Hibre Biher magazine that the overall

Economic integration b/n Ethiopia, Djibouti model for regional integration

train 5

The economic integration that Ethiopia and Djibouti are forging could be a model for the aspired regional integration in East Africa, Ethiopia’s Transport Minister Ahmed Shide said. Addis Ababa, December 6, 2017 Ahmed made the remark at the Regional Integration

AU-EU Summit 2017 held in Côte d’Ivoire…


The fifth African Union – European Union (AU-EU) summit under the theme “Investment in Youth for Accelerated Inclusive growth and sustainable development”, took place from 29-30 November 2017 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The Summit preliminaries began on Sunday (November 26) with the opening

Ethiopia Launches Electrification Program to Reach Universal Access by 2025


The government of Ethiopia has launched National Electrification Program (NEP) to reach universal access by 2025, using both on-grid and off-grid solutions. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn launched the program today at Ethiopia’s National Electrification Program and Mission Electrification Workshop. The

Impact Assessment of GERD on Downstream Countries Based on Scientific Research


The assertion that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has no significant impact on downstream countries is based on scientific research, Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister said on 25 November 2017. When Ethiopia says that GERD has no significant impact on

Ethiopia Reiterates Commitment to Work with Sudan, Egypt on GERD

meles alem

Ethiopia has once again expressed its commitment to work with Sudan, Egypt based on the Declaration of Principles (DoP) with regard to the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This was stated today at a press briefing held by Foreign Ministry