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Ethiopia’s forests, an undervalued resource

By Tefera Mengistu Woldie, National Coordinator, Institutional Strengthening for the Forest Sector Development Program at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, and UN Environment’s Ivo Mulder, Finance and Private Sector Coordinator of the UN-REDD Programme In Ethiopia, the second

WB Approves 600mln USD Financing for Governance, Infrastructure in Ethiopia

WB 1

The World Bank this week approved 600 million USD of International Development Association (IDA) for better urban governance, infrastructures and public services in cities across Ethiopia, according to a statement from the Bank. Addis Ababa March 18/2018  The financing targets

GERD bond week starts


The office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) started the third-round bond week today to raise fund for the dam. Deputy director general of the office, Tagel

Ethiopia, Finland eye enhanced business ties

finland 2

Ethiopia and Finland have agreed to deepen and diversify the nature and scope of the longstanding bilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and Finland, especially in areas of trade and investment. This has been emphasized during a meeting between Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael,

Rex Tillerson: the U.S. will continue its “all weather relationship” with the Government of Ethiopia

us secretary

The U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson said today (March 08) that U.S supports the considerable reforms being carried out by the Government, “all of which we know you will succeed in achieving, ” adding that his Government recognized and


GERD Lottery

የታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ ቦንድ ቶምቦላ ሎተሪ ለታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ ግንባታ ገቢ ለማሰባሰብ የግድቡ ግንባታ ማስተባበሪያ ጽ/ቤት የተለያዩ መርሃ ግብሮችን ቀርጾ እየተንቀሳቀሰ ይገኛል። ከነዚህ የገቢ ማሰባሰብያ መርሃ ግብሮች አንደኛው የቶምቦላ ሎተሪ ሲሆን በአገር ውስጥ ተግባራዊ ተደርጎ ትልቅ ውጤት አስገኝቷል።

Ethiopia and Denmark have published a blueprint outlining the best ways to expand wind power capacity in the African country.


The Wind Project Development Roadmap offers guidelines to boost wind capacity in Ethiopia based on the experiences of international experts. It covers a range of themes and sectors and matches new rules on public-private partnerships in the country with best

WB approves $375mln IDA credit for Ethiopia’s electrification program


The World Bank last week approved a $375 million International Development Association (IDA)* credit to support Ethiopia’s goal of achieving universal electricity access by 2025. March 6, 2018 Ethiopia has the second highest available generation capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa with

EU Eager to Strengthen Relationship with #Ethiopia


The European Union will further strengthen the multifaceted relationship with Ethiopia, Deputy Secretary General for Economic and Global Issues, Christian Leffler said. Following his talks with Foreign Affairs State Minister Hirut Zemene, Leffler told journalists that the EU will strengthen

Ethiopian parliament approves State of Emergency


On 2 March, the House of People’s Representatives approved the State of Emergency declared by the Council of Ministers on February 16, 2018. The House approved the decree by a vote of 395 in favour to 88 against, with 7 abstentions.