“Our Reform Aims at Creating New Hope for Ethiopia, Not a Cloud on the Horizon”: PM Abiy

PM picPrime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the ongoing sweeping reform aims at creating new hope for Ethiopia instead of a cloud on the horizon, referring to the recent attacks on regional and federal officials.

The Premier expressed his condolences to families, friends, and colleagues of the deceased, who lost their lives during the Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa attacks.

Five people, including Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces and Chief Administrator of Amhara regional state, were killed in an attack that police said is orchestrated by the head of the regional state peace and security.

“We may accept deviating ideas as long as they are useful to transform the country,” Abiy said, and stressed, “but we will neither compromise nor tolerate on matters of national unity, sovereignty, and pride which threaten to cause grief of the nation.”

“Our reform measures are to create new hope for Ethiopia which can be a pacesetter for Africa and not a cloud on the horizon,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

Noting that nothing supersedes the cardinal interests of the nation and its people, the Premier underlined that patience would be employed for the sake of democracy and peace; however, he said stern measures could also be taken to effectively protect the nation and its people.

Prime Minister Abiy described the martyrs as “strong, determined to serve their country, diligent in accomplishing their objectives and have proved to be Ethiopia’s decisive personalities in times of hardship.”

He also praised the never changing valor and unflinching stance of the national defense forces, the police and members of the security forces in their continuous efforts to ensure the country’s peace and stability with utmost tenacity and discipline.

He urged them to pursue the same selfless commitment in their future endeavors.

The Premier stressed that “we say killing is losing as we understand that difference in ideas and political opinion can get hegemony through ideas, not gunfire.”

Abiy said it is evident that the attackers had three objectives, including derailing the reform by assassinating the change agents, creating mistrust among the people, and putting the nation into chaos by dismantling the defense forces.

However, they didn’t manage to succeed. Through their transcended sense of unity, Ethiopians have been able to foil the conspiracy of the perpetrators, he said.

“We will not be able to accomplish the objectives of our comrades and hoist our flag if we continue to cry our eyes out,” he said, “instead we should look into the matter in depth.” “We will learn from our shortfalls; we will close all loopholes to intruders,” he said and stressed, “our journey will not be curtailed and our goals shall never be reversed.”

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