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Made of organic arabic beans from Sidamo in Ethiopia Nitro Coffee is trending in the coffee industry



Nitro Coffee is the hottest trend in the coffee industry. It comes now to Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm. It is the hottest trend in the coffee industry, spreading like a best-selling all over the world. Now it comes to Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm. It’s about Nitro Coffee – a cold brewed coffee pressed with nitrogen and served on tap.

A unique, exciting taste experience that fits well as it is or in coffee-drinks and cocktails. It’s great fun to offer our guests something that’s both good, new and trendy, says Anna Haxne, Food & Beverage Manager at Clarion Hotel Sign.
Nitro Coffee is brewed with fresh ice cold water and then pressurized with nitrogen. The result becomes a velvety coffee without bitterness, covered with a soft creamy foam, much like a stout.

First out
In Stockholm at the coffee roastery Löfbergs, Nitro Coffee was the first with its coffee shop on Kungsgatan in 2016, it is noted that the interest grows now.
The trend is from the United States and we see now that the interest is increasing in Sweden as well. We get many enquiring questions from coffee shops and hotels. Clarion Hotel Sign is the first in Stockholm among our customers, says Anna Nordström, coffee expert at Löfbergs.

Shelf life
Löfberg’s Nitro Coffee is made of organic arabic beans from Sidamo in Ethiopia. The Coffee is brewed with fresh, cold water for 16 hours, giving a sweet and fresh coffee flavor. It is both original and flavored with organic licorice root.

We share Löfberg’s sustainability splashes and appreciate that their Nitro Coffee is organic. It is a good idea to offer a sustainable bar with organic raw materials and a clear effort to reduce organic waste, says Anna Haxne.

Clarion Hotel Sign is Stockholm’s largest hotel. The spectacular building in the city center is designed by the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh. At the hotel’s restaurant, Kitchen & Table Norrmalm by Marcus Samuelsson, the guest meets a cultural and culinary experience, inspiring flavors from multicultural Manhattan, combined with influences from the Nordic traditional cooking techniques. Guests can of course also enjoy really nice and trendy coffee.