Ethiopian Airlines has gone fully digital


Ethiopian CEO Tewolde Gebremariam, along with other executive management members, marked the digitalization era by signing the last paper based approval document and burning trash papers.

He said the airline applies the latest aviation digital technology, which is environment friendly and with less carbon emission.

The digitalized operation is designed from the perspective of contributing to the national efforts in ascertaining a Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy of the country, Tewolde added.

According to the CEO, the airline began its journey to paperless operations at booking, ticketing, and boarding pass a decade ago. It has taken the airline more than ten years to fully become digital.

Over the last five years alone Ethiopian Airlines has spent more than 50 million USD to effectively complete the introduction of digital technology in the entire operation of the organization, it was learned.

Tewolde stated that “making the airline’s operation digital helps it to give internationally standardized services with various options to its customers.”

Moreover, he explained that the digital operation helps the airline to run its activities easily and effectively through time and space.

Having applied digital operations increases the airlines online sales from 12% to 20% up to 30%, he revealed.

The digital operation cyber is strongly protected from hackers and there is a disaster recovery automation that cost about 10 million USD to run the operation in case of emergency, Tewolde added.

Ethiopian Airline, which has 100 international and 19 domestic destinations, carries over 8.8 passengers annually.

Source: ENA