Ethiopia, Norway keen to strengthen cooperation on migration, refugee management

norway mig.State Ministerfor Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia Hirut Zemene received Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug at her office, during which, the two sides reaffirmed commitment to work more closely on migration and refugee management. Addis Ababa, January 12, 2018

Sylvi took note of Ethiopia’s role in the South Sudan peace process and appreciated how Ethiopia is committed in handling large number of refugees from neighboring countries and gave credit to the government’s effort in tackling illegal migration from the country.

“I give credit to you that you put efforts on people through Libya,” she said.

State Minister Hirut has noted that migration has become an international agenda that is affecting many countries, adding:  “the way to mitigate migration is through tackling the root causes.”

She also stressed the need to have an organized effort in tackling the challenge through different initiatives within the frameworks of the United Nations, the African Union and other mechanisms.

Hirut explained how Ethiopia, as the top recipient of refugees in Africa, is undertaking refugee management through its open-camp policy.

She noted that Ethiopia pursues a positive approach towards refugees by protecting their human rights, providing their basic necessities, giving them educational access and also integrating them in the country’s investment process.

Sylvi explained that Norway receives refugees from different regions in Africa and as a member of the Schengen, Norway is committed to cooperate on the issues of migration management with other European Countries and also with Ethiopia and called for cooperation on a mutually beneficiary basis.

norway imig 2

They both identified the challenge coming from illegal traffickers and therefore stressed the need to work together in bringing illegal smugglers to justice

Hirut has also expressed her gratitude to the Norwegian government for its role in the South Sudan Peace Process and for the allocation of funds through the South Sudan special envoy.

Recalling the visit of the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway in November, Hirut appreciated the multifaceted, strong and long standing relations between the two countries, which she said, ranges from trade and investment, education and sustainable development to partnerships on climate change and environment.