Ethiopia marks 7th year anniversary of GERD

pic 1The 7th anniversary of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is being marked at Benishanguel Gumuz Regional State in Guba town. Addis Ababa April 02/2018

Government higher officials, representatives of various regional governments and other dignitaries have presided over a mammoth ceremony dedicated for the occasion.

The construction of the dam on the Blue Nile was officially launched seven years back on April 2 in the Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, some 20 km east of the border with Sudan.

Ethiopia has been unwavering to ease poverty with embark on massive mega projects and many African countries are keen to acquire lesson apart from endowing support for the project.

Speaking on the occasion, Azeb Asnake, CEO of the Ethiopian Electric Power said more than 9,000 Ethiopians and 260 expatriate engineers are working on the GERD, which has now reached 65 percent of its construction.

Ethiopia’s power demand augmented every year by 30 percent in average has been engaged in the development of renewal energy sources to meet demand and national income from export.

GERD’s power generating capacity has now reached 6,450 MW following the design upgrading underway twice, which upon completion will be the largest in Africa.

Azeb also noted that upon completion of the projects at Genale Dawa, Koischa, Alutho Geothermal, Korbeti and Tulu Moye and Rapi Waste to Energy Project, the country will be able to produce some 10,000 mega watts of electric power.

Etenesh Mekuria State Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity said that the construction of GERD has helped to increase the unity among the peoples of Ethiopia.

Beyond accelerating development, the dam would become ideal for the developing countries, in which it imparts a lesson concerning resource mobilization and utilization.

Deputy Director GERD Office, Fikerete Tamir told ENA that Office of the Coordination of Public Participation of the Construction of GERD intends to raise 1.4billion Birr towards the construction of the dam.

According To HER, 48 billion Birr has so far been collected through the sale of treasury bonds and from offerings by various individuals and organization here and abroad.

The occasion is being marked with colorful festivities including cultural dances, various types of creative arts including public athletic shows.