Denmark launches its first national program in Ethiopia

denmark and eth signThe government has agreed to set aside 1 billion kroner in aid to help promote democracy, fight poverty and create sustainable growth in Ethiopia over the next five years. Together with other Danish-funded efforts through civil society partners and UN organizations, the new Danish country program in Ethiopia will back up the democratic reform ushered in by the new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed and support the Ethiopian ambition of becoming a middle-income country and one green economy by 2025.

“Ethiopia is proceeding through a historic period which, if all goes well, will benefit the Ethiopian people and region. The government actively backs the process of change via the first national aid program in Ethiopia, in which fighting poverty and supporting good governance are imperative elements.” says Development Minister Ulla Tørnæs.

The process of democratization is on its way in Africa’s second most populous country. Ethiopia is undergoing major political changes in these times. initiatives aimed at improving human rights in the country within, inter alia, greater freedom of the press, the printing of democratic elections, the authorization of opposition parties and the fight against torture. Several legislative initiatives for good governance and the human rights situation are under preparation.
Through the country program, Denmark will promote initiatives that create good governance, democratization, civil society building, respect for human rights, women’s involvement in economic and political life and combating violence against women and girls. These objectives are also supported through a few Danish strategic NGO partners, which include: contributes to ensuring basic human rights and inclusive development and building robust communities that can prevent and remedy crises.

Despite rising economic growth rates, Ethiopia remains the home of extreme poverty, while it is being a host to 920,000 refugees. It is a goal for Denmark that Ethiopia’s young men and women can see future opportunities for themselves in their homeland and that refugees are also supported. Denmark will therefore support the improvement of living conditions through the involvement of farmers in the commercial market, support for climate-friendly forestry and the national social security network for chronic food-insecure populations. The activities will focus on the poorest groups in Ethiopia, but also support the Ethiopian government’s policy to integrate refugees as part of the new Global Refugee Agreement (CRRF).

“Preventing food insecurity and sustainable resource utilization is crucial to ensuring that poor families have the opportunity to become self-reliant and improve their living conditions. Denmark’s commitment to Ethiopia is a good example of how we work to create opportunities for a dignified life for people where they live – and for refugees in the neighborhoods,” says the Minister for Development.


Ministry of foreign Affairs of Denmark       Published: November 30, 2018