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Passport Service

The Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm is currently processing to issue only a new electronic passport that requires mandatory fingerprints.

Starting from April 2010, to obtain a New, Replacement of lost, existing passport or renewal of a passport, fingerprints must be provided.

The Embassy also advice all applicants to submit their application at least 2 to 3 months ahead of their planned travel date or prior to applying for any other services that requires a valid passport.

After applying for a passport

 After the passport division receives your application it will be reviewed to make sure it is complete.

  • If your application is incomplete, your original documents will be returned to you unprocessed. The Passport Division will send you a letter explaining why your application has been returned.

  • If your application is complete, you will receive a confirmation through email message.

If you move or change your address, email address, telephone number or any other contact information while your application is being processed, you must notify the passport division through email.

*** Your application will be returned if you do not provide all the requested information and documents listed under the CHECKLIST and fees.

Application Kit for Passport


1. For New Passport Applicants

New Passport application Form

Checklist for New Passport for Children


2. In Replacement for Expired Passport

Checklist for Passport Renewal

3. In Replacement for Lost or Damaged Passports

Checklist for Lost Or Damaged Passport

4.For children passport

Checklist for New Passport for Children


Samples of registration papers

Personbevis from Sweden

Folkeregisteret from Denmark

Certificate of Registration form Denmark

Folkeregister from Norway

Family Registration from Norway (ONLY for children applying for a new passport through their parent)

Extract from the Population Registration from Finland

Einstaklingar OR A Family Registration paper from Population registration from Iceland

Sweden for non residencial permit

Amharic Bulletins