Passport Service


For safety and security reasons, luggage is not allowed to the Embassy premises.

  •  The Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm is currently issuing only an electronic passport that requires a mandatory finger print. Therefore, all applicants who wants to apply for a new, renewal, replacement of their passport should provide a finger print.
  • Those applicants who are under the age of 14 are exempted from providing a finger print.
  • To those who have already submitted their finger  print upon receipt of an electronic passport earlier are not required to submit their fingerprints again. However, if you have an old/manual/passport or was exempted from submitting your finger print due to your minor age then you should give your finger prints.
  • The Embassy advises all applicants to submit their passport applications at least 2 or 3 month ahead of their travel date or prior to applying for any other services that requires a valid passport.
  • All applicants (Adult and child) requesting a new passport, a replacement (lost or existing) passport and renewal of a passport must fill the passport application form.
  • Please be informed that any payment made to the Embassy account will not be refundable, regardless of the outcome of the application.
  • Applicants who are using a mail system, please note that service fee must be made to:-

For Applicant living outside of Sweden

IBAN Account number: -  SE 575 000 0000 05277 110 6248

BIC / S.W.F.T   Address: – ESSESESS

Skandinaviska Eskilda Banken /SEB/

 For Applicant from Sweden: -

Embassy of Ethiopia

Bank Account Number:- 52771106248


Bank Giro Number 521 – 8235

Skandinaviska  ESkilda Banken /SEB/

* Please be informed that all connecting bank charges relating to service fees are to be deducted separately from your account.

  • All Applicants are requested to read the information provided on “General information on how to apply Ethiopian passport” and fulfill all the requirements based on the checklist provided for each services. The Embassy will not accept incomplete applications and will not be responsible for the delay of the process as well as the rejection of the passport.

How to Apply General Information on how to Apply for Ethiopian Passport

  Please use this passport application form for all type of passport service request.


Requirements for Passport Service 

1. New Passport Applicants ( For children under  the age 14)

Checklist for New Passport for Children


2. New Passport  Applicant (for children above the Age of 13)

Checklist for New Passport for Children



3. Replacement for Expired Passport

Checklist for Passport Renewal


4.  Replacement for Lost or Damaged Passports

Checklist for Lost Or Damaged Passport

Samples of registration papers

Personbevis from Sweden

Folkeregisteret from Denmark

Certificate of Registration form Denmark

Folkeregister from Norway

Family Registration from Norway (ONLY for children applying for a new passport through their parent)

Extract from the Population Registration from Finland

Einstaklingar OR A Family Registration paper from Population registration from Iceland

Sweden for non residencial permit

Samples of International Coupons

Sample of International Coupons