Ethiopian Origin ID Card

Ethiopian Origin ID Cards

In order to obtain an Ethiopian Origin ID Card, please complete an application form and follow the instructions

  • In the past, all applicants were required to pick up the ID card in person at the Embassy. However, to give good services for the customer, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has amended this directive so that you can receive your Id card by mail.
  • Ethiopian Origin ID Cards are valid for five years. Please renew your ID card before the expiry date.
  • You do not have to apply for a visa if you have a valid Ethiopian Origin ID card
  • Finger print is mandatory to have Ethiopian Origin ID Card. But those who have already submitted their finger prints upon receipt of an electronic ID card earlier are not required to submit their finger prints again.
  • The Embassy also advise all applicants to submit their applications AT LEAST 45 DAYS AHEAD of their planned travel date or prior to applying for any other services that require a valid Ethiopian Origin ID Card.
  • A birth certificate or a registration document submitted to The Embassy must be written in English or should be accompanied by official translation.
  • For applicant who would like to apply by post, applications must be sent via mail with an envelope which has a Reference Number. The applicant must enclose a self-addressed, prepaid return envelope. The Embassy does not accept any payment for postage. Hence, applicants don’t need to pay for postage and must send an envelope.

N.B : For Applicants who could not use the ‘International coupon’, kindly advised to use a system on Postnord. Accordingly, applicants may use the following link and should attach the slip with your document in the envelop.  Page: privat —– skicka —— kop frakt online      or      Just click on

Please refer to the information below
Guidline for Ethiopian Origin ID Applicants

Ethiopian ID card checklist

Ethiopian Origin ID Card forms 

Application form for the issuance of origin ID Application form for renewa of ID Finger Print capturing form (1) Application form for the spouse of Foreign Nationals of Ethiopia Origin Application for returnng of Ethiopian Origin ID Application form for lost, mutilated or data correction of ID የጋብቻ ሁኔታ ማረጋገጫ በአመልካች ባለቤት የሚሞላ የጋብቻ ሁኔታ ማረጋገጫ በአመልካች የሚሞላ

Payment Information

  • Payment must be made to:-

For applicant living in Sweden

Bank Giro no. 521-8235 write message instead of OCR No. OR

SEB Bank IBAN No. SE575000 0000 0527 7110 6248, Bic-Code ESSESESS

 For Applicant living outside of Sweden

IBAN Account number: -  SE 575 000 0000 05277 110 6248

BIC / S.W.F.T   Address: – ESSESESS

Skandinaviska Eskilda Banken /SEB/

 * Please be informed that all connecting bank charges relating to service fees are to be deducted separately from your account.

 Payment Fees:-


Type of Documents Duration of service


Adults 5 years 1,740.00
Children Below 18 years of Age 174.00
Replacement of an Expired Identification Card 1740.00
Replacement of a Lost Identification Card for the first time 2,088.00
Replacement of a lost Identification Card for the Second time 2,610.00
Replacement of a Lost Identification Card for the Third or more time 3,480.0