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Explore Ethiopia

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Authentication, Legalization and Power of Attorney

General Guidelines for authentication of documents

Power of attorney General format

በተለያዩ ጉዳዮች ላይ ውክልና ለመስጠት የሚከተሉትን ናሙናዎች ይጠቀሙ

Power of attorney sample 1

Power of attorney sample 2 Power of attorney sample 3 Power of attorney sample 4

A Power of Attorney cancellation Form

N.B : For Applicants who could not use the ‘International coupon’, kindly advised to use a system on Postnord. Accordingly, applicants may use the following link and should attach the slip with your document in the envelop.  Page: privat —– skicka —— kop frakt online      or      Just click on

For Eritreans who have property in Ethiopia

ኤርትራዊያንና ትውልድ ኤርትራዊያን በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያላቸውን ንብረት እንዲያስተዳድሩላቸው ለግለሰቦች ውክልና ከመስጠታቸው በፊት ከዚህ በታች የተያያዘው ፎርም በቅድሚያ በመሙላት ለኤምባሲው መላክ ያለበት መሆኑን  እንገልፃለን፡፡

Form to administer property in Ethiopia

Wealth Form 1    Wealth Form 2  Wealth Form 3