Export products

Major Export Products

Coffee (Coffee Arabica)

  • Washed
  • Sundried

Being the origin of coffee arabica, Ethiopia has immense potential to offer the world market a wide variety of flavours of organically produced, washed and sun-dried coffee. More than 90% of the nation’s harvested coffee is organically produced. The inherently superior quality of Ethiopian highland Arabica coffee is unmatched, particularly in flavour and aroma. Ethiopia also produces several types of coffee, the water soluble extracts of which can be used for hot beverages, iced drinks, ice creams and in the confectionery industries.

Livestock Products (Hides and Skins)

Ethiopia offers a wide range of processed and semi-processed hides and skins to the world market. Some of the products, such as Ethiopian highland sheepskin, which has gained international reputation for making gloves, are well-known for their quality and natural characteristics. For more ReadMajor Export Ethiopian Products