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Interview with Ethiopian living in Sweden

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Explore Ethiopia

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A brief presentation on Ethiopia has been given to Students and Teachers of Rudbeckianska Senior Secondary School

On September 28, 2017, a brief presentation on Ethiopia was given to 30 Students and 4 teachers of Rudbeckianska Senior Secondary School. Rudbeckianska Senior Secondary School is found in Västrås town, 100 KM west of Stockholm, Sweden.

The presentation was aimed to enable the students and their teachers to have an awareness about Ethiopia before their planned visit to the country in November 2017. The purpose of the visit will be to enhance partnership & share experiences, between Rudbeckianska Senior Secondary School and Abiyot Kirs Senior Secondary School of Ethiopia.

After the presentation, a discussion was conducted with the students and their teachers.

The participants have also enjoyed a short documentary film highlighting the development endeavor in agriculture, manufacturing industry and service sectors as well as investment opportunities & potentials of the country.