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NGO Registration

How to establish/register NGOs in Ethiopia

Both International (Foreign) and local NGOs can be established and be operational in Ethiopia by registering with the Ethiopian Government.


Registration Guideline for Foreign (International) NGOs

Any NGO or Non-Profit Making Organization (NPO), which intends to carry out activities in Ethiopia, should produce a written application to the Ethiopia missions in their respective countries.

Hence, A Foreign NGO with an intention to register and operate in Ethiopia should present (or send) the following documents to the Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm (or in the country of its residence or to an accredited Ethiopian Embassy),

  1. An authenticated certificate that shows the applicant is registered in the country of origin as a non-profit making organization or (Certificate of registration).
  2. An authenticated memorandum of association (constitution or article of association of statues or by-laws) of the applicant organization by which its contemporary activities are governed.
  3. An authenticated letter showing that the management board of the NGO has agreed and decided to register and operate in Ethiopia.
  4. An authenticated letter of approval (Letter of recommendation) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or relevant authority in charge of NGO’s / NPO’s activities in the country of origin.
  5. An authenticated Project proposal (plan of action), one original and two copies, showing the intended project to be performed in Ethiopia.
  6. An authenticated budget for the activities and project in Ethiopia – Document that confirms the NGO would allocate 70% of the expense in the budget year for the implementation of its purpose and 30% for its administrative activities. (70/30 of programmatic and administrative expenditures).
  7. An authenticated power of attorney (in two original copies) naming the appointed person to represent the NGO in Ethiopia.
  8. The resume or C.V. and documents of the country representative. The country representative needs to be at least a diploma holder.

A project proposal shall contain:

  • Background and justification for the project
  • The objectives of the project
  • The beneficiaries / target groups and location of the operation
  •  The project’s implementation strategy
  • The organization’s planned activities and the expected results of its work in Ethiopia
  • Information on the organization’s planned office for Ethiopia, including staffing and management structure (list the positions and number of employees)
  • Assessment of the project’s sustainability
  • Description of the mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation
  • Budget allocation and its source of financing (including listing the overhead costs and the part of the budget to be spent on the project)


Document Authentication

Before submitting the application, documents listed above as items 1-5 must each be individually notarized and afterwards authenticated by:

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its country of establishment.
  2. The Consular Section of the Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm.

The Consular Section of the Embassy legalize the documents up on the fulfilment of the following prerequisites:-

  1. Payment for the above mentioned documents is 790 SEK andpayment is done for every seal and signature.
  2. Only original documents can be authenticated.
  3. For application inside Sweden, in addition to the legalization fee, 65 SEK should be paid for postage fees.
  4. For Applications outside Sweden, 60 SEK for Bank Transfer Charge and 100 SEK for postage fees should be paid in advance.

Payment can be made through SEB Bank,

  • SEB Bank IBAN No. SE575000 0000 0527 7110 6248,  Bic-Code ESSESESS
  •  Bank Giro no.  521-8235 and  bank no. 5277 11062 48 .

 SECTION THREE  -  Registration

  • After authentication by the Consular Section of the Embassy, the applicant should submit two copies of documents to the NGO Section of the Embassy, while keeping the original.
  • The Embassy, having received authenticated documents, will then transmit the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia for its consideration.
  • The Embassy, upon receiving the decision /feedback from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will immediately notify the applicant /the representative of the NGO / NPO, the final reply for the registration.
  • The Embassy upon receiving the feedback from the Ministry will immediately notify the representative of the NGO / NPO, the final reply for the registration.
  • Following registration with the Ministry of Justice and obtaining of Certificate, NGOs are required to sign Operational Agreement.


Application for Re-registration of Foreign Charities

 Documents to be produced with the application form:

  1. Audit report & statement of accounts of the year 2008 prepared in accordance with standards acceptable in Ethiopia;
  2.   Detailed activity report of the year 2008;
  3.  By-law or constitution of the charity. (Should be authenticated if the former is changed or amended);
  4. Personal particulars of the country representative (such as CV and academic credentials)
  5. Current passport size photo of the country representative;
  6. Copy of the passport & visa or in the absence of such a valid employment or kebele identification card,
  7. Former Certificate of Registration accorded by Ministry of Justice, Associations’ Registration Office,
  8. Financial & activity plan of the coming budget year;
  9. Project agreement concluded with the concerned executive government bodies (if any);
  10. The last letter of registration license renewal (excluding temporary renewal);  Read more