Nation Earns 2.8 Billion USD Export Revenue

tradEthiopia has earned 2.83 billion USD from export, slightly higher than half of the planned 5.23 billion USD, during the concluded Ethiopian budget year, according to Ministry of Trade.

Agriculture, manufacture and mining sectors were the top sectors in achieving better performances of 64.9 per cent, 45.9 and 15.2 per cent of the plan respectively, the press release added.

Compared to the same period of last year, the revenue earned in the budget year witnessed a lower performance by 71.4 million USD.

The unabated proliferation of contraband, low quality of products and supply, unrests in some parts of the country, lack of improved revenue collection schemes and market linkage, as well as a low performance of investment projects, were among the reasons for registering low national export performance, it was learned.