International Panel of Experts on Grand Renaissance Dam submits its report to respective leaderships (Jun 03, 2013)

The International Panel of Experts on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which has been tasked to assess the efficacy of the dam, submitted its final report on Saturday (June 1st) to the respective governments of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy in a press release disclosed on Saturday said the Panel’s report indicates that the design of the GERD has been based on international standards and principles and that the Dam offers high benefit for all the three countries and would not cause significant harm on both of the lower riparian countries.

The panel which appreciated the initiative Ethiopia was taking for its establishment has also suggested extra impact assessment possibilities and proposed ideas with a view to help the three basin countries’ benefit better from the Dam. Ethiopia took a lead initiative in the establishment of the Panel as expression of goodwill and gesture of respect to create trust with Egypt and Sudan.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy which expressed the Ethiopian Government devotion for the continuation of the friendliness and strong ties with the basin countries as well as the relation based on common benefit on Nile issue pointed out that the Government “would carefully assess the report by the panel of experts and facilitate cooperation forums to work together with lower riparian countries for common benefit”. It also praised governments of both countries for the cooperation they exhibited and the panel of experts and others for offering their support for the success of the assessment.

The International Panel of Experts was established with ten members composed of two experts drawn from Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt each, and four international experts.