Ethiopia on right track towards ensuring human rights: UN Human Rights chief

Dr. AbeyUnited Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s visit to Ethiopia on April 22-25, 2018 has been very successful.

During his stay in Ethiopia, the Commissioner held talks with PM Abiy Ahmed, Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, Speaker of the House Muferihat Kamil, Ethiopian Human Rights Commissioner, officials from Oromia regional state, Addis Ababa University community and different parts of the society in and outside Addis Ababa.

In his discussion with PM  Abiy, Prince Zeid Al Hussien noted during his visit to various parts of the country; he has been able to witness a new chapter unfolding in the development of human rights and democracy in Ethiopia.

The Commissioner said, following the inaugural speech of the Premier, he was “deeply impressed” by the renewed interest, hope and commitment all Ethiopians have demonstrated.

According to Zeid, this renewed feeling of the people would give further impetus to government’s ongoing efforts to bring about social justice in the country.

The Commissioner reiterated that he has taken pleasure with the idea that the speech by Prime Minister Abiy fully embraced the basic Declaration of Human Rights.

Expressing his contentment for being able to visit areas outside Addis without any restrictions, Zeid noted his talks, particularly with Aba Gaddas and officials of Bishoftu, confirmed the longstanding Ethiopian culture of democracy that has transcended millennia.

The Commissioner pledged to support the government of Ethiopia in its commitment to fulfilling the high demands of the wider public for a fast-paced transformation, giving due emphasis to technical and institutional capacity building of the Government, particularly in the field of human rights protection.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to open a Regional Office in Addis that covers 17 Eastern and South African countries.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Workneh and the Commissioner.