Embassy of Ethiopia celebrates 13th Nations and nationalities day in Stockholm

ambnatEmbassy of Ethiopia in Sweden along with Ethiopian Diaspora have colorfully celebrated the 13th Nations and Nationalities Day in Stockholm on December 22, 2018. The celebration was the first of its kind in a sense that it had brought together significant number of Ethiopians and Ethiopian origins of different political and ethnical background residing in Sweden.

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On the occasion, H.E. Professor Merga Bekana, Ambassador of Ethiopia to Sweden and other Nordic countries has delivered a speech regarding the celebration. The ambassador stressed that the day has a special importance for Ethiopian nations and nationalities because it is a unique day that brings all them together from every corner and provide them a platform to strengthen their unity. In addition, H.E. Professor Merga underscored that on this special day, Ethiopians in and out of the country should pledge to close the past chapter of our history of conflict with reconciliation and move forward.

A panel discussion was also part of the celebration and a paper entitled ‘diversity, tolerance and reconciliation for nation building’ was presented by the embassy. The attendants on their part raised that Ethiopians should not miss the opportunity history availed to them currently and use it further strengthen their unity, overcome the challenges and build a democratic and prosperous country.

Both the embassy and the attendants have agreed to continue to work on such events that help bring Ethiopians together.