Communique on the visit of the @_AfricanUnion Envoys to the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, 27 November 2020.



African Union

Envoys to #Ethiopia undertook their first mission to the country from 25 – 27 November 2020 and were received by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, on the current military operations in #Tigray.


The Prime Minister, among other things, highlighted the following:


i) that the operation, which is essentially of law-enforcement nature, would not last long;


ii) operationalize the Multiparty Provisional Administration of Tigray to enable service delivery;


iii) establishment of a high-level committee of Federal stakeholders to assess and respond to essential humanitarian needs, and the identification and announcement of a humanitarian assistance corridor;


iv) readiness to receive, rehabilitate and resettle citizens who have fled;


v) commitment to rebuild public infrastructure; and


vi) unwavering commitment to create a democratic Ethiopia that is inclusive without domination or repression of one group by another.


The Prime Minister also reiterated his commitment to dialogue.


The AU Envoys also met with President Sahle-Work Zewde and the Multiparty Provisional Administration of Tigray.