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10ኛው ብሄራዊ የሰንደቅ ዓላማ በዓል ቀን በስዊድን ስቶክሆልም የኢፌዲሪ ኤምባሲ ተከበረ


በስዊድን ስቶክሆልም የኢፌዲሪ ኤምባሲ ሰራተኞች 10ኛው ብሄራዊ ሰንደቅ ዓላማ በዓል “ራእይ ሰንቀናል ለላቀ ድል ተነስተናል” በሚል መሪ ቃል ያከበሩ ሲሆን፣ እለቱንም ምክንያት በማድረግ “የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ትግልና ሀገራዊ ህዳሴያችን” በሚል ርዕስ በተዘጋጀ ሰነድ ላይ ሰፊ ውይይት ተድርጓል፡፡ በውይይቱም ወቅት የተለያዩ ጥያቄዎችና

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Ethiopia Lifts 5.3m People out of Poverty over 5 years

Ethiopia has managed to lift about 5.3 million people out of the poverty over the past five years, according to an Interim Report on 2015/16 Poverty Analysis Study. Addis Ababa October 10/2017. The report which was launched today indicated that

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Ethiopia Devaluates Currency by 15%

ethiopian National Bank

Ethiopia has devaluated its exchange rate of Birr by 15 percent against international currencies, the National Bank of Ethiopia announced. Addis Ababa October 10/2017 Deputy CEO of NBE Yohannes Ayalew said the devaluation is important in enhancing performance of the

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Ethiopia targets 11 percent economic growth: President Dr. Mulatu Teshome


Ethiopia says it will work exhaustively on key sector to realize an over 11 percent economic growth in the current Ethiopian fiscal year. While briefing directions of the government for the joint session of the two parliaments, President Mulatu Teshome

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Ethio-Djibouti Railway Commences Full Ride Trials


  Ethio-Djibouti railway project has started full rail ride trials completing unit ride trials prior to the commencement of passenger and freight services. Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) Communication Services Head Dereje Tefera told The Ethiopian Herald that any railway project

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Ethiopian Airlines has gone fully digital


Ethiopian CEO Tewolde Gebremariam, along with other executive management members, marked the digitalization era by signing the last paper based approval document and burning trash papers. He said the airline applies the latest aviation digital technology, which is environment friendly and

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ዴንማርክ ለአፍሪካ የሰላም ማስከበር ተልዕኮ ድጋፏን እንደምትቀጥል አስታወቀች


የመንግሥታቱ ድርጅት አሁን ላይ በሁሉም አህጉራት ካሰማራቸው 15 የሰላም ማስከበር ተልዕኮዎች መካከል ስምንቱ በአፍሪካ ሲሆኑ በሶማሊያም የአፍሪካ ኅብረት ሰላም አስከባሪ ሃይል ተልዕኮውን በመወጣት ላይ ይገኛል። ለዚህም ድርጅቱ በመጪው ሰኔ ወር የሚጠናቀቅ ለአስር ወር የሚቆይ 6 ነጥብ 8 ቢሊዮን ዶላር በጀት

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Made of organic arabic beans from Sidamo in Ethiopia Nitro Coffee is trending in the coffee industry


  Nitro Coffee is the hottest trend in the coffee industry. It comes now to Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm. It is the hottest trend in the coffee industry, spreading like a best-selling all over the world. Now it comes

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Irrecha Celebrated Colorfully


The Irrecha festival of the Oromo people celebrated colorfully at the resort town of Bishoftu, 42km south-east of Addis Ababa on October  01/2017. Wearing traditional clothes, devotees who have been arriving at the town since Saturday, gathered at Lake Hora

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የክፍያ ጊዜው የደረሰ የታላቁ ኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ ቦንድ ለያዛችሁ

የታላቁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዳሴ ግድብ ቦንድ ግዥ የፈጸሙ በውጭ ሀገራት የሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውያንና ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያውያን የክፍያ ጊዜው የደረሰን ቦንድ አዲስ አበባ ከሚገኙ የኢትዮጵያ ንግድ ባንክ ቅርንጫፎች ወይንም ከኢትዮጰያ ሚሲዮኖች በአካል በመቅረብ ዋናውን የቦንድ ኩፖን በመመለስ ገንዘባቸውን እየተቀበሉ መሆኑ የሚታወቅ ሲሆን፣ ከአዲስ አበባ ውጭ

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Amharic Bulletins